Time is Brain – Your Investment Makes Every Second Count



Your support through Trillium Diwali 2017 will help fund a new surgical bi-plane for our Regional Stroke and Neurosurgical Program at Trillium Health Partners.

When a patient is picked up by ambulance in our geographical area and is suspected of having a stroke, they will be brought directly to our hospital for life-saving care. In fact, THP cares for more stroke patients than any other hospital in Ontario. 

Stroke patients can lose up to 2 million neurons per minute, which means early intervention with state-of-the art technology is critical for our patients. Treatment for strokes has advanced significantly in recent years, and funding equipment like a surgical bi-plane allows our specialists to intervene in cases where, historically, there was no treatment option. A new bi-plane will provide the quickest and most effective way to target clots, making this technology critical to our team’s ability to intervene.