The Power of Advanced Treatment Technologies

Health care is entering a new era at Trillium Health Partners, thanks to the remarkable evolution of technology. That includes marrying computer power with different forms of energy to visualize problems inside the body, targeting energy for precision treatments that spare surrounding health tissues, and using real-time imaging to guide rapid access inside the body for life-saving treatments. That means receiving the most complex care here, in our own community.

THP is investing in numerous technology projects, thanks to generous community support. All are designed to advance treatment and enhance the quality of patient care through everything from faster diagnoses to less-invasive surgery to better care for at-risk newborns.

While the Ministry of Health funds operations, Trillium Health Partners is responsible for generating funds for treatment technologies. This is why community support is so critical. The generosity of our friends has been a key part of our ability to deploy the most advanced technologies in caring for you, your family, friends and neighbours.

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