In 2002, recognizing the rich diversity of our community and the value that each culture places on good health, the Foundation initiated community meetings to engage and encourage support of Trillium Health Partners (at the time, Trillium Health Centre).

The South Asian community proposed a partnership with the Foundation: to host a Diwali fundraiser in celebration of the annual Festival of Lights – the first and largest Diwali gala of its kind in North America. The first Diwali attracted 600 guests and raised over $108,700. Since that time, it has raised over $8.5 million for critical projects across Trillium Health Partners and has transformed many areas of our hospital – such as the OM Fracture Clinic, which has received accolades for being one of the top three centres in Ontario.

We’re deeply grateful to the South Asian community for their outstanding contribution to our hospital and especially appreciate former event Chairs and committee members who have each played a key role in shaping the event into what has become a must-attend signature gala in the GTA.

Proceeds from Trillium Diwali 2017 support our hospital’s Regional Stroke and Neurosurgical Program