Create Your Own In Memory Page

Pay tribute to a loved one or express your sympathy by creating a personalized In Memory page in their honour.

This website contains pages dedicated to community members who have passed away. Each page celebrates the memory of a special individual and allows the creator of the page to share a story and photo, as well as provide others the opportunity to make a donation in their honour.

Each gift made through our In Memory Pages is helping to bring the very best health care to Trillium Health Partners. Together, we are creating a new kind of health care for a healthier community. Thank you for your support!

Getting Started

With just a few simple clicks to the link below, you can build your own In Memory fundraising page.

As the driver behind this page, you can reach out to all your friends and family on a secure page. You can also personalize your page content, track funds raised and send a personal thank you to your supporters.

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